core I: quad neighborhoods dorm

Cristina Parreño

This project, a dormitory, proposes a system of quad rooms composed of two doubles lofted together in order to maximize the use of space in order to fit the given programs. These quads were then arranged to create neighborhoods of quads, providing 3 different living styles for students according to their preference for more individuality, smaller clusters, or larger groups. Certain requirements pertaining to program, overall dimensions, and facade design were given. The efficiency of the quads enable 330 beds to be accommodated in this proposal, 60 more beds than required, and significantly more common space is produced.

Above: Axonometric view of dorm – individual wing at bottom left, small cluster wing at right, and group at top

Unit Plans

Top and bottom plans of group quads and twin quads showing similarities and differences about layout and access



Plan of proposal, arrows showing means of access to each grouping of quads


Renderings showing three wing types (from left: cluster, group, and individual)


Sections of three wing types (from left: cluster, group, and individual)

Physical Model

Physical model